A list of items. The preferred method of populating items in the List is to use ListItem children.

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List Properties

onMore {function ()}
Function that will be called when more data is needed.
onSelect {function (selected)}
Function that will be called when the user selects something. When only one item is selected, it returns the zero based index for that item. When multiple items are selected, it returns an array of those item's zero based indexes.
selectable true|false|multiple
Whether rows are selectable. multiple indicates that multiple rows may be selected
selected {number}|[{number}, ...]
The currently selected item(s) using a zero based index.

ListItem Properties

onClick function () {...}
Called when the user clicks on the item. Callers should bind an identifier to the function to distinguish between multiple items. For example onClick={this._onClick.bind(this, id)}

Properties for Box are also available for ListItem.